Is 1TB Enough for Gaming? (SSD and HDD)

When I bought my laptop for gaming, I was a little bit confused about how much storage I need. My questions were Is 1TB enough for gaming or 256 GB enough for gaming? But my uncle cleared all of my confusion about this topic.

Nowadays the games are becoming heavy. For example, Battlefield 4 is 50GB, advanced warfare is 60GB, FIFA 19 is 29GB. There are also many games that are more than 100 GB. You may think that you need 1TB to play these games. In this post, I will discuss: Is 1TB Enough for Gaming?

Is 1TB Enough for Gaming?

I don’t know what you mean by 1 TB storage. If you mean 1TB HDD then the answer will be different. Again if you mean 1 TB SSD the answer will be different. Below I am writing about both SSD and HDD.

Is 1TB SSD Enough for Gaming?

Of course, 1 TB SSD is more than enough for gaming. You may know that SSD is quite faster than HDD. If you have an 8GB ram and 1 TB SSD, then your gaming experience will be beyond description. Also, make sure that you have installed your operating system on the SSD.

But if your budget is low and you play light games, my suggestion is to use a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD and 8 GB Ram. Then install your operating system and game application on the SSD. From my experience, your game file will run faster. So, no need to buy a 1 TB SSD for gaming if your budget is low.

Is 1TB HDD Enough for Gaming?

It depends. As you know that HDD is slower than SSD than your game may be hanged. I used HDD in one of my HP laptops for daily necessary tasks and some light games. But sometimes it hanged. Also, I used BlueStacks for gaming. But HDD disappointed me. It hangs most of the time.

So, If you need a good gaming experience then there is no option without using an SSD. As I mentioned above, use a 128GB or 256 GB SSD if you have a low budget.

Note that, don’t forget to use a good GPU and a good processor.

Is a 500gb ssd good enough for gaming?

I think Yes. 500 Gb is huge storage. Assume that you will play about 5 games which are 30 GB on average. So, you will need about 150 GB. It means you will have 350 GB of disk space free. Again the price of SSD is too high. So, I would suggest you, buy a 500 GB SSD if you are a mid-level player. But if you are a pro-level player then buy 1 TB storage, which is fit for you.

Is 1TB Enough for a Gaming PC?

I have written about it above and it is applicable for both pc and laptop. Try to use an SSD for a better gaming experience.

Short Answer: Is 1TB Enough for Gaming?

Generally, windows 10 takes 20 GB of storage, MS office, and other elementary applications take about 10 GB of storage. Your other applications take more than 10 GB of storage. That means you need about 40 GB of storage for your basic applications.

If you use 1 TB SSD or HDD, then you have 960 GB free storage.

Assuming that you have installed several games and every game is 25GB. Then you can install more than 35 games on your pc or laptop.

So, the short answer is 1 TB is enough for gaming if you have a budget. Otherwise, 256 GB is fit for you.

My Gaming Experience with 1TB HDD

Generally, I use an HP notebook laptop with 4GB Ram and 1TB HDD. It has a core i3 processor.

hdd speed
response time

I generally use it for all of my daily works like internet browsing, MS office works, gaming, etc. I play games in BlueStack 5. Most of the time this laptop hangs and sometimes BlueStack closes automatically for insufficient RAM. Even when I use MS Edge browser or chrome browser it takes too long to respond. Here I have attached the average response time, reading, and writing speed of my HDD.

Storage  information HDD

Though the speed differs by time. But I attached it for an idea.

Best SSD for Gaming

I have listed some best SSDs for gaming below. You can choose any of them. I have selected these after comprehensive research.

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Western Digital SN850

With PCIe 4.0 features WD SN850 SSD is my top pic. Its capacity is 1TB. It can hit 7,000MB/s reads and 5,300MB/s writes in sequential transfers. It also offer 5 years warranty. You should buy it for blistering PCIe 4.0 throughput and excellent real-world performance. But it becomes hot too much and it has no AES 256-bit encryption. For this reason, your data may be unsecure.

WD Black SN750

This SSD disk has PCIe 3.0 feature. It comes with 250 GB , 500 GB , 1TB and 2TB disk space capacity. Its seq. read: 3,470 MB/s and seq. write: 3,000 MB/s. Comparing to the Samsung EVO its performance is one of the best in SSD market and also its price is chipper. But one thing is the matter of worry that its idle power consumption rate too high.

Seagate Firecuda 530

If you want a SSD with PCIe 4.0 technology which will last longer, then this SSD fit you. it comes with 500 GB, 1TB and 2 TB storage capacity which has 7 GBps read and 6 GBps writing speed. This all rounder great performance SSD disk will make your pc fast and help you to enjoy game. But this SSD has no  AES 256-bit encryption system to secure your data.

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Best HDD for Gaming

Seagate BarraCuda– the Best

With 6Gbps speed, this SSD give you the best performance at a low cost. It also has high RPM rate and a good storage. It comes with 2 TB and 3 TB storage. But it has only 64 MB cache. For overall performance this HDD is the best.

Toshiba X300– Best Budget

Toshiba X300 HDD is the best for battery power saving. If you are using laptop and want to save your battery power then Toshiba X300 is fit for you. It have 7,200 RPM rate and 128 MB cache. Its storage capacity starts from 4TB and ends at 8TB. It has two year warranty.

WD VelociRaptor– For gamers

This HDD is the best fit for gamers because of its high RPM rate. Its RPM rate is 10 thousand. But it has low cache of 64 MB. It comes from 250 GB to 1TB.

Is 1tb SSD enough for gaming and streaming?

A big yes. 1 TB SSD is more than enough for gaming and streaming for a mid-level player (also for the pro-level player).

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Is 256gb SSD and 1tb HDD enough for gaming?

As I mentioned above, it is a good practice if your budget is low. Just install the Windows OS on the SSD and install the games on the HDD. In this case, your PC will become faster. Again this will save money.


So, in this post, I have written about Is 1TB Enough for Gaming. Hope this post helped you much. If you get any help from this article, then please comment.

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