Smart Lock Black Friday Deals 2022

Black Friday is the beginning of the shopping season. So, not only big retailers like Amazon and Walmart but also small and medium stores  offer the best deals for electronics and household items. If you are waiting for this day to purchase smart locks for your home  to get the best deals , then you have landed on the right place.  

After a comprehensive market research, I have picked the top 10 best smart locks for black friday deals to make your black friday shopping easier and happier. As you have confused yourself while buying a smart lock , then I will help you to remove all confusions . We are still collecting the best smart lock black friday deals and everything you need to know to get the best black friday smart locks deals 2022. 

Smart lock Black Friday deals 2022

August smart lock black Friday deals

August is one of the most famous smart lock manufacturers in the market of smart locks. In Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they offer discounts,good deals and attractive sales on smart locks. August has 3 smart locks models.  I am describing it.

 August Smart  Lock pro + connect:

This allrounder smart lock can not only lock and unlock your door but also can do more than you think. 

This lock has geo fencing and door sense technology.  With the help of geo fencing technology, this lock can automatically unlock the door when you return to your home.  And  the door sense technology can surely tell you whether your door is locked or not. Now no need to ask your neighbour to check your door.  

You can easily lock or unlock the door with your voice as this lock supports Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit. This smart lock uses Z-wave technology. 

This lock is easy to install and can be installed without removing your existing deadbolts. 

With the august app you can easily know who tried to open your door. This august app is compatible for Android and iOS. You can also control this lock using the Apple watch.  Again you can create and share unlimited e-keys. With these e-keys you can grant access to your guests or some others for a limited time like minutes, hours, days or more. 

You will get one  year warranty for this lock.  For remote access like controlling the lock with a smartphone, you need a Hub which is included with this product.

The new and interesting thing is that the mobile app supports biometric systems. Now you can unlock your door using the face unlock system or fingerprint.  Actually this feature was added in the last addition of this smart lock to ensure your safety and security. This lock also has the “ Lost Mobile” feature for more security.  

 Probably it was the most elegant and beautiful silver colored smart locks sold on the last Black Friday.

August Wifi Smart Lock: 

This lock has almost the same features that August Smart LOck pro connect has. But  here I am describing you briefly. 

This lock has to be installed in the interior part. This lock has some common features like auto door lock and unlock, remote access, checking the door status,  granting virtual keys and the history logs. 

This lock also supports Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. 

But the main difference of this lock is that it has a built-in wifi Adapter. That’s why you don’t need to buy an additional wifi bridge to connect the lock with wifi. 

Again as this lock is installed in the interior part of the door, you need not to replace your existing deadbolt. You can also use physical keys to open your doors too. 

The remaining features are the same as August Smart Lock pro + connect. It has door sense technology and geofencing technology. August app also offers biometric verification to lock and unlock your door. 

August Smart Lock 4th generation : 

 This keyless door has the same features as the August Smart Lock pro have.  Even then i am telling you its features point by point:

  1. This lock has an Auto locking and unlocking system. 
  2. You will get full control of your door with the August App for smartphone and Apple smart watch.  But it requires a wifi bridge. 
  3. August App allows you to generate e-keys, see history logs, biometric verification and so on. 
  4. It has a door sense system. 
  5. Its privacy and data security is more updated than others. 

This is  the main feature of August Smart Lock. 

Schalge Smart lock Black friday deals: 

 Schlage is also a famous model in the market of smart locks. They have some models of smart locks. I am telling you about that briefly. 

Schlage Connect: 

Schlage connect has two separate models. One is operated with Z wave technology and the other is operated with zigbee technology. For better understanding please look at the comparison chart. 

Schlage Connect  Z-Wave plusSchlage connect Zigbee 
Control your lock from anywhere Yes Yes
Monitor your lock from anywhere YesYes
E-keys 3030
fingerprint-resistant keypadYes Yes 
Secure connection Yes Yes 
Easy to install with screw Yes Yes 
Warranty (mechanical  )Lifetime  Lifetime  
Warranty (electronics   )3 year3 year 
Built in alarmYes No 
AlexaYes Yes 
Samsung SmartThingsYes Yes 
Google Assistant Yes No 
Wink Yes No 
Ring Alarm Yes No 

Schlage Encode Smart Lock:

Generally schlage also offer best deals of schlage encode smart lock in blackfriday. Before buying, please read features of this lock. This lock has two parts. One is interior and the other exterior. 

The features of this smart lock are:  

  1. You can control your door using the Schlage Home App. You can also use the Amazon key. 
  2. You can use upto 100 e-keys. 
  3. You need not purchase an additional wifi adapter. It has a built-in wifi adapter and  it will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi signal similar to your laptop, making it easy and intuitive to use.   
  4. It is easy to install with a screwdriver. 
  5. You can control your lock remotely using Amazon key. You need to pair the lock with the Amazon key. 
  6. It supports Google Assistant. 
  7. It supports Amazon Alexa. 
  8. Its touchscreen is fingerprint resistant. 
  9. It has a built- in alarm system.
  10. Best grade security.
  11. 3 year electronics warranty and lifetime mechanical warranty. 

Schlage Sense Smart Lock:  

Like other schlage smart locks, it has almost the same features that others have. The key features of this lock is- 

  • It is installed in the  interior and exterior part of the door.
  • You can control your door using the Schlage Home app. 
  • It has a built-in alarm. 
  • It supports alexa and google assistant. 
  • It supports Apple Homekit. 
  • You can create up to 30 e-keys. 
  • It has a keypad. 
  • It will automatically update the lock when new features arrive. So no need to buy a new lock to get new features.

 Yale Smart Lock Black Friday Deals

Yale is the most ancient  lock company in the history of lock. They have invested their time and effort into home security systems. And this is why they invented some gorgeous smart locks. Let’s see …

Nest x Yale: 

This lock is a joint project of google and yale smart lock. This lock is specially good for the google home and google assistant users. 

This smart lock is mainly developed to use google home and google assistant with this lock. And that’s why this lock doesn’t support Alexa. 

This lock is installed in the exterior and interior part of your door. It’s keypad is included and you can control your door remotely with the nest app. Nest app allows you to create up to 20 passcodes. It doesn’t have the door sense technology , auto unlock feature, goods delivery feature and geofencing technology. This lock also does not support Apple homekit. 

You will get a 1 year warranty. Generally this lock uses a 4AA battery and this battery lasts more than 1year. 

Lastly i want to tell you, if you have google home or google assistant user then i think this lock might be right for you. 

Yale assure lock sl:

This lock is a famous lock model manufactured by yale. 

This lock works with Apple homekit, Bluetooth and Z wave plus. Like the nest x yale lock, this lock is also installed in the both exterior and interior part of the door. 

You will get 1yesar  warranty for this lock. For remote access you need to install the August App or nest app. This lock generally offers 50 acces codes but with the august app you can create up to 250 access codes. 

This lock offers almost all new and updated features like door sense technology ,privacy mode etc. this lock also works with Google assistant, siri, Apple home kit and Alexa. This lock has auto locking and auto unlocking features. 

As I mentioned earlier, this lock has two parts. The exterior parts include the keypad and the interior parts include mechanical parts like battery and other sensors. 

Like nest x yale, this lock also uses a 4AA battery and it also lasts for 1 year. 

I personally like this lock for its advanced technology and features.

Kwikset Smart lock Black Friday Deals  

kwikset Halo Smart lock : 

This smart lock is one of the best smart locks of the Kwikset company.

This lock offers you to lock and unlock your door automatically. This lock doesn’t require any additional hub to connect with wifi. You can create up to 250 e-keys using the kwikset app. You can validate the e-keys for minutes,hours and days. Kwikset app allows you to control your door remotely. This app will send you notification of your lock activity. You can also check history logs like when the lock was open or closed with this app. This lock uses SmartKey security which protects against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to rekey your lock yourself in seconds.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock:

 Recently kwikset brought their kwikset kevo 2nd gen smart lock. This lock uses bluetooth technology. Unlike kwikset halo ,this lock requires a hub name kevo pro  to control your lock remotely . The kwikset app helps you to control your lock remotely. This lock can detect your location and automatically open your door when you return to your home. This lock works with amazon alexa, IFTTT and Ring doorbell. The Kwikset app can be installed on the iphone 4s+ and android 5.0+. With the key fob ,you can open the door with a touch.  Without a screwdriver, this lock can be installed easily. This app can track who locked your door and who unlocked your door and notify you on the kwikset app. This lock is secure both digitally and mechanically.  This lock is not compatible with Apple Homekit. 

So, I think it helped you much.

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